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[sticky post]Welcome to the Jungle, We have fun and games!
d0llface_h00ker dean
Welcome to my little slice of LJ. The most important thing to know is that I love everything about Supernatural and it makes me sad when any of the characters and/or actors are seriously and meanly wanked on. I love the creativity in this fandom. So many talented artists and authors!! Sadly, I never have as much time as I'd like to read all the awesome fanfics out there, but I keep trying.  I have been a hardcore lurker on lj for at least a couple of years and decided to start this journal as a new years resolution to hopefully help me turn over a new leaf and become more active in the spn community. 

Comms I stalk:

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BB's & Challenges I stalk:

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She Walks In Beauty - Women in Love picspam

Recently I've been reading through and filling a few wishes over at insmallpackages and saw a wish for a cute lesbian girls picspam (which has been wonderfully filled by shifty_gardener here) and it intrigued me and fired my imagination. The problem... I've never done a picspam, so I know I'd really muck up someone's wish. I decided to play around with the idea and ended up creating my versionof a picspam, because I have time to waste and no life apparently.

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75 icons - Five Women of SPN with bonus Danneel and Christina Applegate
artist at work
I love playing around at making icons and I was googling, found some cools pictures, and then this happened.


Alaina Huffman - abaddon 04 kim rhodes - jody mills 02 rachel miner 05a felicia day 08 genevieve cortese-padalecki 11

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Enjoy them and credit is always appreciated. :)

polybigbang art - Until He Came Along by nanoks
artist at work
So, I usually only play at making graphics for my own amusement. Every now and then though I'll be intrigued by a summary and then what's a girl suppose to do but pretend to be an artist.

So nanoks is the wonderful author who's summary (Jared and Jensen have been a couple for many years and they love each other very much. Yet they’ve always felt like something was missing in their relationship. One day, after Jeff catches them together, Jared and Jensen realize that Jeff was the missing piece to their love. They find out that their love, while strong and passionate, was incomplete…until Jeff came along.) got my muse going. And here is her wonderful story... Check It Out! :)

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[Eight Days of Wincest] Fanart Recs, Season One

Do you want to know if he loves you so? It's in his kiss.


Enjoy some beautiful artwork of early seasons Sam/DeanCollapse )

[Eight Days of Wincest] Drabble, Season Two

Characters: Sam
Wordcount: 100 words
Rating: G
A/N (a warning): I'm NOT a writer, but I wanted to participate in the eight days of wincest. So this is the first thing I've ever written for any fandom, and hasn't been betaed. Hopefully I didn't screw it up too badly.

Sam has never felt as helpless and alone as he does now, watching a machine breathe for his brother. The doctors say that he needs to have realistic expectations. What does that mean anyway? What the hell do they even know?

Dad’s promised to leave no stone unturned, and then he pulls his famous disappearing act. He’s off hunting the demon instead of saving his son… “you can’t leave me alone here with dad. We’ll kill each other…”

But then, Dean’s always been everything to Sam. Protector, parent, hero, brother, lov… “Dean you gotta hold on. You can’t go …”

Art for The Jagged Edge (d/c dystopia fairytale bb)
cockles 1
The Jagged Edge
by geckoholic
Fandom/Genre: SPN AU/AR
Fairy Tale: loosely based on the fairytale Der Erlkönig/The Elf King
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Dean/Alastair
Art Rating: G
Story Rating: NC-17
Track/Word Count: 33335
Story Warnings: Domestic violence, dysfunctional and unhappy relationships, references to childhood abuse (non-sexual), major character death.

Summary: Alternative Reality, non-supernatural. After a dishonorable discharge from the military, Casey Milton starts a new life as a coffee-shop owner in a small town in rural California. He quickly develops a crush on Dean, photography teacher at the local High School and one of his regulars. A few pictures of the shop for a leaflet kick off an avalanche when Dean's jealous and controlling boyfriend interprets an affair into them.

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Random icons: Jensen, Jared, & Misha
I've jumped into the bb challenge fire and in my google search for images to use in the artworks I've found some cool pix I just love so I turned them into icons. Yeah, I'm pretending to be an artist. :P I thought I'd share them with everyone. Use 'em if you like 'em.



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Please no hot linking.
credit and comments are love!

icons: pca & random
d0llface_h00ker dean
I was just playing around at making icons with some of the pca pix (and a few random pix of J2's ladies) and thought I'd share them with everyone. Feel free to use any that you like. :)


peoples choice   our dorks  jared and gen 1

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credit and comments are love
I'm not sure what hot linking is, but it doesn't sound nice so please don't do it.
all the images were either posted on all_spn by cha or randomly found on google images