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Random icons: Jensen, Jared, & Misha
I've jumped into the bb challenge fire and in my google search for images to use in the artworks I've found some cool pix I just love so I turned them into icons. Yeah, I'm pretending to be an artist. :P I thought I'd share them with everyone. Use 'em if you like 'em.



All the icons (20)

sink or swim  jarpad 1  misha 1  in the desert
  whats going on  cockles 2 sepia  I got you babe (bonus TSM)
where are you 2  young n buff  in my sights 1  I got you babe
where are you  cockles 1  rockin the TSM  in my sights 2
j2m  rockin the TSM 2  jackles  mishalecki 2

A/N: I'm sending out a huge THANK YOU to all the awesome fans who get the boys to do these poses and then generously share them with the rest of us fans. Major kudos to the all the amazingly talented artists (I would love to know who you are) who created the wonderful manips in icons #11, 16, 17... and is #4 a photo shoot pic or a manip? I played around with coloring a b/w pic on #1 and maniped #20. Oh, and #18 Rockin theTSM (Truck Stop Mouth) is in honor of JC (tebtosca), who's gifviews of SPN Episodes - found on The Home Planet - always manage to crack me up and laughter is a beautiful gif-t!

Please no hot linking.
credit and comments are love!

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Those are great could you give me the link to Jared picking Jensen up and Jensen in the desert? I tried looking for them on google but didn't find them.

That j2 pic is awesome isn't it! I found it by actually googling j2 and here's that j2 pic source link. I can't remember what I was randomly googling for when I ran across the Jensen in the desert pic, which leads me to believe it's an incredible manip. I'm always surprised by how many random searches both Jared and Jensen's images pop up in. I've uploaded that image for you. The original image was around the same size as my sidebar image. Thanks so much for checking out my icons!! :)

Thank You! Yeah it sure is an awesome picture. I love looking at the incredible manips as well, makes me wish I knew how to do it but I'm not all that artistic.

I love these!! Snagging so, so many:D


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