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[Eight Days of Wincest] Drabble, Season Two

Characters: Sam
Wordcount: 100 words
Rating: G
A/N (a warning): I'm NOT a writer, but I wanted to participate in the eight days of wincest. So this is the first thing I've ever written for any fandom, and hasn't been betaed. Hopefully I didn't screw it up too badly.

Sam has never felt as helpless and alone as he does now, watching a machine breathe for his brother. The doctors say that he needs to have realistic expectations. What does that mean anyway? What the hell do they even know?

Dad’s promised to leave no stone unturned, and then he pulls his famous disappearing act. He’s off hunting the demon instead of saving his son… “you can’t leave me alone here with dad. We’ll kill each other…”

But then, Dean’s always been everything to Sam. Protector, parent, hero, brother, lov… “Dean you gotta hold on. You can’t go …”

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You are a writer because this is really good and captures Sam's desperation. I'm glad you decided to participate.

Poor Sam, so lost here, so desperate for something to hold onto. You conveyed it very well, so I'm glad you decided to join in the fun!

Oh my heart...kudos on a great job!

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