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polybigbang art - Until He Came Along by nanoks
artist at work
So, I usually only play at making graphics for my own amusement. Every now and then though I'll be intrigued by a summary and then what's a girl suppose to do but pretend to be an artist.

So nanoks is the wonderful author who's summary (Jared and Jensen have been a couple for many years and they love each other very much. Yet they’ve always felt like something was missing in their relationship. One day, after Jeff catches them together, Jared and Jensen realize that Jeff was the missing piece to their love. They find out that their love, while strong and passionate, was incomplete…until Jeff came along.) got my muse going. And here is her wonderful story... Check It Out! :)

Story Banner

j3 banner

Chapter Banners

j3 chapbanner 1 450x250

j3 chapbanner 2 450x250

j3 chapbanner 3 450x250

Many thanks to the polybigbang mods for hosting this challenge and doing such a terrific job of it!
Many thanks to nanoks for inspiring my muse and letting me play with her story!
And many thanks to all who are brave enough to check out my amateur arts and maybe even leave a comment!
You're all loved and appreciated!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥