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icons: pca & random
d0llface_h00ker dean
I was just playing around at making icons with some of the pca pix (and a few random pix of J2's ladies) and thought I'd share them with everyone. Feel free to use any that you like. :)


peoples choice   our dorks  jared and gen 1

baby ackles  jared and gen 2  peoples choice   I love you ja-da  jared and gen 1

danneel 1a  danneel 2b    danneel 1b  danneel 2a

genevieve 1a  genevieve 2b    genevieve 1b  genevieve 2a

j2  jensen  our dorks  jared  j2-2

credit and comments are love
I'm not sure what hot linking is, but it doesn't sound nice so please don't do it.
all the images were either posted on all_spn by cha or randomly found on google images

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I wanted an icon of Jensen and Danneel with that blue thing on her head (don't know how it's called in English) so I guess I've found it ;) Thanks ! And nice work on all of them.

Hmm, I think what Danneel's wearing is a headband, but I'm not sure it's called that. Thanks for the lovely comment! :)

Lovely icons. I snagged the "I love you" Danneel N Jensen one. Will credit when used! ♥

Thank you so much and enjoy it! :)

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